Modern Barn House

What exactly is a Modern Barn House?

Under the name Modern Barn is a specific type of house, which was inspired by farm buildings built in the countryside. This house is characterized by a rectangular, elongated floor plan and a gabled roof. Roofs without eaves are also a characteristic feature of these buildings, and the roof slope angle is usually between 30 and 45 degrees. The house interior can be arranged freely, according to the needs of the householders, due to its simple and flexible floor plan. In addition, the building form allows good interior lighting from all sides, which is extremely important to make the house cozy, warm and comfortable to live in.

Take a look at one of our finished DOM 1 projects, which perfectly shows what the classic form of the Modern Barn is. In this building, a compactly designed space with minimal corridors allows the house to maximize its potential. All rooms are optimally illuminated, and the living room with large glazing on both sides is particularly noteworthy. Dynamic interior lighting is a big advantage of this project.


Modern Barns – tradition in a simplified edition

The form of a house of the Modern Barn type is a reference to multigenerational history of people building rooms for household needs. These buildings were characterized by a rectangular floor plan, a gabled roof and maximum use of space with possible simple, repetitive construction. In addition, they were characterized by a horizontal layout that fitted perfectly into the natural landscape of the village, acting as its extension. This tradition gave birth to the modern style, now known as the “modern barn.”

The Modern Barn type building is covered with a gable roof, which will prove useful in all weather conditions. A significant difference from the original may be the variety of colors, textures and materials used on the facades and the number of glazing.

An example of a house of the Modern Barn type is one of our finished projects HEM 1. This compact house can boast a spacious, bright living area with a slightly hidden kitchen and a cozy attic used for bedrooms. In addition, an entrance area has been separated, constituting a vestibule with a closet for outerwear. A woodshed was located at the back, where you can season wood for autumn evenings by the fireplace.

HEM 1 –


Modern Barn House Project – what to pay attention to when choosing a project?

When choosing a project, it is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the plot and house – according to Technical Conditions. Appropriate distances from the border of the plot must be maintained (If you are interested in this topic we have addressed it more extensively in our blog: What to pay attention to when locating a house on a plot). In addition, you should check what kind of house we can put on our plot, according to Development Conditions or Local Development Plan (Read our article so that nothing surprises you – How to match a house to Development Conditions (DoWZ) or Local Development Plan (LDP)).

It is also worth specifying the housing needs of the householders and individual preferences, such as the number of bedrooms, number of floors, whether the house should have a garage in the building block. When the possibilities and needs have been specified, it is necessary to proceed to the search for a dream house.

When choosing a design, it is worth paying attention to the location of your house in relation to the sides of the world. Afternoon exposure will provide good sunlight to the interiors when relaxing at home after work, while the kitchen from the east will allow you to enjoy breakfast in the first rays of the sun. We have addressed this issue in more detail in our blog: Positioning a building to the sides of the world. Situating a house to the sun.


Modern Barn House Project – what kind of houses can you find in our collection?

When searching for a ready-made project, it is worth taking a look at the projects in our Catalog at Diversity is definitely our strength, where you can find both very small houses that will prove suitable as summer homes and larger proposals ideal for a family. Diversity is also characterized by an original approach to functional layouts. The mission of our company is to introduce a new quality on the Polish market, based on the tradition of Polish construction with adaptation to the needs of modern users and modern technologies.

The following is an example of CABIN house, the compactly designed space of which accommodates all that is needed to spend time pleasantly. This small shelter creates a refuge for weekend relaxation in nature


For comparison, below is CASA 1 project. The building consists of three bedrooms, a spacious living room with a separate dining room and an obscure terrace, which will also be perfect for cooler autumn evenings.

CASA 1 –

It is worth noting that in our collection you can find both single-storey houses and houses with a usable attic. This allows you to choose a house that will perfectly fit the needs of the householders. An interesting solution is also a mezzanine, which allows to create a high, spacious living room. It is noteworthy that this solution will prove useful not only in large houses, but especially in smaller ones, giving the feeling of more space. This effect will also be enhanced by glazing, which will make the interior seem larger than it really is. It is worth taking a closer look at MAJA 3 project, where the mezzanine can additionally be used as an office/workspace.

MAJA 3 –


Modern Barn House – how to choose a design that fits your needs?

Are you dreaming of building a house, but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to help you find the right project.

  • Plot

When choosing a design, it is extremely important to check what kind of building will best fit our plot. In case of a building of the Modern barn type, it is necessary to consider whether our plot will be more optimally used when the ridge of the building stands parallel or perpendicular to the road. This will allow you to understand in which part of the project you should place the entrance, and where the living room, bedrooms. It is also necessary to consider what positioning will provide us with optimal lighting of the building interiors.

You should also pay attention to the shape of your plot, as it can have a huge impact on the selection of a suitable house. A house on a slope will require a different approach than a house in the suburbs of a large city.




  • Project

When looking for the perfect design, it is important to pay attention not only to beautiful visualizations, but also to the interior layout, arrangement of rooms, functional connections between zones. Heights are also important, as they can have a huge impact on how we will feel in a given interior. Of course, the materials, textures and colors chosen will also play a huge role in our perception of a given interior, but this should not overshadow the other important issues. Therefore, if you are not sure what design to choose it is worth seeking inspiration and looking at ready-made designs in our Catalog at

Such a variety of presented solutions, styles and possibilities will allow you to choose the perfect design for your needs.

An example of a house that can be found on our website is the DUM1 project. On the ground floor you will find a living room connected to the kitchen and an additional room, which can easily be used as a home office or guest room. In the attic are three bedrooms and a bathroom.

DUM 1 –

Remember, if you have found your dream house on our site, but you just want to make minor changes, please contact the design department, and they will be happy to help you make your dreams a reality. Color, because it’s important not to overlook


Modern Barn Project – where will it prove best?

When choosing a dream project, it is always necessary to take into account the place where the building will be built. The seaside landscape differs significantly from the mountain landscapes, so it is worthwhile that the facade materials allow it to blend in with the surroundings, and therefore in the Masuria bricks are perfect, while in the mountains the amazing atmosphere is created by stone and wood.

When choosing a project, it is worthwhile to first review the offered designs of houses of the Modern Barn type, and if necessary make modifications to suit your needs.

It is also worth noting that a small plot of land does not exclude the implementation of the Modern Barn. You should take a look at the comparison of two of our finished projects. Their area is significantly different, while both show that barn-type buildings have a wide range of uses. EXTERA is a compact house finished with a plank facade, while DOM 2 is a proposal for a larger surface building. Standing seam metal facades blend perfectly with the wooden plank facade.

DOM 2 –


Modern Barn House Project – eco-friendly houses in the type of modern barn

In today’s world, man tries to take possession of everything around him, often forgetting that he is part of the ecosystem. Therefore, concern for the surrounding world is closely related to each of us. Why? By living in symbiosis with nature, it will repay us with fresh, clean air, healthy sleep and positive impact on our well-being. Being in a natural landscape has a soothing effect on our mental health, we feel inner peace, which is so lacking in the daily pursuit of material goods. Natural materials have a similar effect, making us feel closer to nature even in our own home. Our well-being is also greatly influenced by adequate lighting, as evidenced by the difficulty of survival in northern regions, i.e. Sweden or Norway, which are characterized by low population density and high suicide rates. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the appropriate amount of glazing in the house and its correct location in relation to the sides of the world.

Let’s also pay attention to the fact that man and nature are “connected vessels” so no action will remain without a reaction. By taking care of the surrounding world, the climate will make our lives fuller, healthier and more pleasant.

Nowadays, ecology becomes an increasingly urgent and pressing issue. That’s why it is worth taking this issue into consideration in single-family homes as well. A passive house or a zero-energy house will allow maximum energy savings and, consequently, savings associated with the building operation (low-cost houses). Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about the careful execution of home insulation, so that it tightly surrounds the house. On the market you can find products with different parameters. It is worth getting acquainted with them in order to choose the best option for yourself. In addition, it is advisable to pay attention to the windows, so as to minimize heat loss. Moreover, the choice of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery will make the interiors properly ventilated, and the air removed from the rooms will heat the fresh incoming air from outside (less heat loss).

Of course, ecology is not only about systems that retain as much heat inside as possible, but also about the materials we choose when building our house. It is worth considering natural materials such as brick, wood or stone, giving up plastic. Such materials will create a pleasant microclimate inside the building, making it an ideal place to live.


Modern Barn House Designs – modern style on the wallpaper

Modern Barn type houses have recently gained in popularity. It’s no surprise! The Modern Barn offers great possibilities, both in creating the functional program and the architecture of the building.

Despite the form referring to traditional farm buildings in the countryside, houses of the Modern Barn type can have an extremely contemporary look. A perfect example is one of our finished projects: DOMUM 1. This is an example of a contemporary, intriguing approach to design – a combination of two barns with different facade materials, giving the project a modern flair.



Modern Barn up to 35m2

Are you wondering if a house of the Modern Barn type can have a built-in area of up to 35m2? Of course it can! Area is not a determinant. If you want to learn more about the definition of a Modern Barn, take a look at the point: What exactly is a Modern Barn house?

Below is one of our MINI DOM 2 designs, which will be ideal as a house up to 35m2. The ground floor has been designed for a living area consisting of a cozy living room, kitchen and a slightly hidden bathroom. An interesting element is the lowering of the part of building with sofas, making the living room more spacious. The fireplace situated in the central part attracts the eye and brings to mind autumn evenings spent together with the family. In order not to waste valuable space, two cozy bedrooms overlooking the garden were placed on the mezzanine.

Projekt MINI DOM 2 –


Modern Barn up to 70m2

Is a house of up to 70m2 built area a good idea for you? Is it possible to furnish a comfortable and pleasant home on such a square meter? Actually, there is no obstacle! A wisely planned house will be perfect not only for singles, but also for a family with children.

It is worth reviewing our Catalog of ready-made projects at, where we have created special houses, the construction area of which will not exceed 70m2.

An example is HEM 3 building, which is functionally divided into a living area on the ground floor and a bedroom area in the attic. In addition, the house design is extremely economic and ecological. The open living room with an exit to the garden will allow nature to permeate the building, and a slightly hidden kitchen will make meal preparation a pleasure. In the attic there are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom illuminated by a roof window. The whole will make every homebuyer eager to return home.

Projekt HEM 3 –

If you are interested in the presented project, it is worth taking a look at other solutions in our other projects of houses up to 70m2 at


Modern Barn – construction cost

Nowadays the cost of building a house is quite individual. It will all depend on the technology, complexity, region in which the building is being constructed, or whether you choose a house using the economy method. In addition, the dynamic changes in the price of labor, materials, fuel will have a huge impact.

Taking all factors into account, it is extremely difficult to accurately determine the cost of building a house today. However, when planning a house, we recommend taking a look at the website, where current house construction prices are presented. It is also advisable to distinguish between the stages of building a house, starting from the shell of a closed house, through developer state, up to turnkey construction of a house. While the cost of building a house is possible to estimate, the amount for its finishing can differ by even several times, hence these values are not included in investor cost estimates. When starting to build a house and determining the budget, it is worth assuming a considerable reserve for our calculations, so that during the construction nothing surprises us and that the process is as smooth as possible, in order to enjoy your new home.

To find out more about the cost of construction visit our blog, link below.


Realizations of barn-type houses

Our latest realization of a house in the Modern Barn type is HOUSE building presented at

Creating a block with a rectangular base, which with its shape separates the street from the garden, providing privacy for householders. The facade from the garden is almost completely glazed, opening the house to the garden, and the covered terrace is an extension of the living area. However, natural stone has been used on the other facades, as well as seamed sheet metal, which is a continuation of the roofing.

Natural materials reign supreme in this project. The fireplace wall is made of stone, while the ceiling shows a bare roof truss, and the floor is covered with concrete for balance.

Another characteristic element for this project is the internal “box,” which separates the living and sleeping areas, and houses the wet rooms (i.e. laundry room, pantry with a second kitchen, and bathroom). The box opens to the living room, a black minimalist kitchen.

Scandinavian style, natural materials and white-filled interiors reign supreme in this home. Daylight access and vegetation, bring life to the interior, creating a bright relaxing space.

If you want to check out the other photos of this project go to the website:
Projekt HOUSE –


Modern Barn with mezzanine

Will a mezzanine prove useful in Modern Barn type projects? We have no doubt! The mezzanine is an ideal solution for both smaller houses and those with larger space. This means that it is a universal solution that fits any Modern Barn. The implementation of a living room, or the entire living area, running through two floors will make the building’s interiors more spacious, and complementing the whole with a glass facade in the gable wall will not only illuminate the interior, but also give it a modern character.

If you want to check out an example of a house project with a mezzanine, below is one of our HOME 7 finished projects. In this project, the mezzanine additionally has the function of a small library. Everyone can sit in a comfortable chair with their favorite book, or enjoy the view through the glass facade. In addition, the use of a glass railing, and moving the rest of rooms slightly away, will make the mezzanine not seem heavy, and become an extension of the ground floor part of this house.

HOME 7 –


Modern Barn facade

The facade in the Modern Barn is a very extensive issue. Any material will be good here, whether brick, plaster, stone or wood. Therefore, it is worthwhile to adapt the design to personal tastes and to the surrounding landscape.

It is also interesting to combine different textures and colors, but it is important to avoid too many materials, which may overshadow the classic, simple form of the building. It is also worth paying attention to the choice of roof material, in the case of the Modern Barn the roof is an extremely important element in the building’s aesthetics. In order to maintain a consistent appearance of the building, it is also possible to consider stretching the finishing material of the roof to the facade. Such a solution was applied quite successfully in the TINY HOUSE project, which is presented in more detail on our website at The facades were covered with shingles, which have also been used on the roof. To break the monotony, the whole was complemented by facade boards. Thanks to the use of different forms and colors of wood, the facades took on an unusual character.



Modern Barn with Terrace

Can the enclosed, rectangular form of a house provide an opportunity to make a cozy terrace? Of course! We recommend taking a look at our projects, each of them has a terrace solved in an interesting way. It is also worth noting the use of glazing, which is ideal for connecting the house interior with the terrace, providing a smooth transition. In our projects you can find examples with outdoor fireplaces, which will make using the terrace on colder days enjoyable. All you need is a good book and hot cocoa!

For example, in BORG 2 project, the terrace was planned next to a stone wall. In addition, an outdoor fireplace was planned, so that even in the colder evenings it is possible to enjoy pleasant warmth in the company of loved ones. The terrace is also covered, so that no weather conditions will be intimidated.

BORG 2 –


A stylistic contrast to BORG 2 project is DNJ 2 design. The terrace, on the other hand, is extremely pleasant and expansive, so it will be perfect for the beautiful landscape. Functionally, the terrace is connected not only to the living room, but also to the master bedroom.

DNJ 2 –


Wood-frame house

The simple, elongated form of this building will be ideal for repetitive modular frame construction. As a rule, erecting a building in wood-frame construction is faster than bricklaying. In addition to classic wood-frame construction, the house can be erected using CLT (solid wood) technology as well as moonwood.

If you are thinking about erecting a wood-frame house, we suggest that in our studio we can adapt ready-made designs to this solution. In addition, an interesting solution may be to show a wooden structure in the interior. Wood will add a warm expression in the interiors, as a decoration of the house, so to speak. Not quite convinced yet? We guarantee that after seeing the living room in our HOUSE type house you will change your mind! Seemingly classic on the outside, on the inside it presents beautiful interiors with an exposed roof truss.



Does the Modern Barn fit on a narrow plot of land?

Owners of narrow plots of land can stop wondering if their dream house will fit on it. A building of the Modern Barn type will be ideal in such a case due to the elongated nature of the building. Despite the elongated form, there is no need to worry that the building will be inconvenient and non-functional. On the contrary! Situating the entrance appropriately in the central part of the building will naturally avoid long and narrow corridors. In addition, placing the stairs to the attic near the entrance will allow to create spacious bedrooms in the attic, illuminated by windows in the gable walls.

In our Catalog of ready-made projects you will find houses specially designed for narrower plots. An example is KUMBA 1 project. With a width of just under 5.5 m it was possible to design a comfortable and economical house. In addition, a valuable advantage is the simple construction, which will allow the house to be erected efficiently. In the attic there are 2 bedrooms, which allow householders to settle down in a warm corner and realize their passions.



Is it possible to build a Modern Barn on request?

Absolutely! All you need to do is to choose a project, the construction area of which will not exceed 70m2 or 35m2 and will fit into the relevant requirements.

If you still have doubts take a look at the tab: Modern Barn up to 35m2 and Modern Barn up to 70m2.

Version with garage

When planning the construction of a house, it is worth considering placing a garage in the body of your building. This is an extremely practical solution, because we can walk to the house with a dry foot, shortening the way, for example, when carrying heavy shopping. In addition, it is a space where we can store things for DIY, or even create a small workshop. Opting for an integrated garage with the building will make us avoid, often, unsightly outbuildings and detached garages on the plot, so our land will look impeccable. Reviewing the designs it is worth deciding what garage will be most suitable for us, 1 or 2-stall. In addition, in case of Modern Barn, the garage can be an extension of the rectangular projection or be a bit separate element of the building.

In our typical projects we present a variety of solutions, below are examples. In the DOMOV project, the single-car garage is located at the entrance area. Due to its dimensions, it can accommodate a small workshop. The garage in the HUS 4 house is presented in a completely different way. It is a separate block with a flat roof, but it is still not an extraneous element, but a complement to the entire floor plan.


HUS 4 –



If you’re looking for a home design, but you aren’t quite sure if it will make the most of your plot’s potential or you need advice on how to better suit your needs, please contact our design department and we will help you create the home of your dreams. Whether it’s a summer house on request or a 5-bedroom house, you can rely on us to approach each project individually, with ingenuity and commitment.