Home is the most important building in a man’s life. It accompanies a whole range of activities of its inhabitants and people close to them. Therefore, when creating individual projects, we learn about the habits and needs of future residents so that the jointly created project corresponds to a specific assumption.

We like it when the house allows us to focus on nature, it is not talked about, it allows us to contemplate it. According to us, this is a modern concept of shelter. The house should protect us from the rush, noise, all this madness that the modern world and generally understood consumerism offers us in huge numbers. At home, we should find peace and harmony.

A key element of creating an individual house design is a visit to the plot to look at the place that the Investor has chosen as one of many and to bring out its unique assets – viewing axes, old trees, location in relation to the world, etc.

We know that all elements of the construction process are important, which is why our architectural office is a place of cooperation with industry specialists, inspectors, landscape architect so that the resulting facility is consistent with the surroundings and assumptions, and the course of construction is as least burdensome for the Customer as possible.

To make the design process transparent, we divide it into individual stages: concept, construction design, detailed design, interior design and garden development. Our Clients value a holistic approach to the subject, they want the final effect to be consistent on all levels.

We also see our role in supporting customers by sharing knowledge and experience. The geographical scope of our activities covers most of Poland, with concentration around the cities of: Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław, Toruń.

We draw inspiration to work from the observation of the world during travel and contact with nature, often in extreme conditions, which is why we like challenges and undertake to create projects for demanding Clients. We value timeliness and reliability as the basis for long-term cooperation.

Referring to the quoted motto, we believe that luxury results from full commitment to what is being done, and only by acting with passion can you spend months and still feel inspiration and joy from work.