Long story short: photovoltaic panels (PV) are used for the production of the electricity from solar radiation. Its work does not required direct radiation but just diffused radiation that is available even on a cloudy day. The more radiation (more photons reaching the surface of the panels), the more energy we can obtain. The amount of energy that reaches the earth's surface depends on the degree of cloudiness. The relationship is presented on the figure below.

The amount of energy that reaches the earth's surface, depending on the degree of cloudiness

The intensity of radiation depends not only on the degree of cloudiness as well as the location. On Polish territory ranges between 950 and 1100 kWh / m2 year


The use of photovoltaic can be varied, but the most common include the use of the program prosument and thus being both producer and consumer of electricity. This solution allows us to resell surplus production in the summer, which contributes to faster return on investment. In purchase decision customer can choose the size of instalment. The main components are the panels, inverter allows you to change DC to AC, and wiring system that secures the most common description of the power of symbols kW or kWp in practice for the user means that 1kW instalment produce throughout the year about 1,000 kWh of electricity, of which approximately 70% in the summer months. With grants of 30% of the average payback period of the installation is 12-16 years. You should also pay attention to the possibility of installing solar panels on the southern slope of the roof.  For more information contact us.