The object of the study was an existing building with modernist features. According to the Investors' requirements, the object after the changes was to combine two functions: a rehabilitation office on the ground floor and a flat on the first floor. Due to two different purposes, internal communication would become cumbersome, so the building has been extended with a staircase, with a separate entrance.

Another aspect of tight, downtown buildings is the lack of a garden. The solution to this problem is the superstructure over a part of the building.

A roof garden with a beautiful view of the square is planned above the rest.

In the existing part of the building the window openings have been enlarged, whereas the superstructure was created in a modern, bold form, designed to allow as much light as possible to enter the interior, while meeting the conditions of the Local Development Plan requiring the use of slanted roofs.

Inventory of the existing situation and proposals for the adjustments of the functional plan to the Investor's requirements.
Location: Ślesin, market square
zone of historic preservaion
Analysis of the existing situation and proposed changes.
Discussion with the Investor about some proposed conceptions of the building's redevelopment.
Final choice and its explanation.
Creating the superstructure with resolving the problem of lack of the sun light inside.

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