Grey water heat recovery

A place where we lose a significant amount of heat is a shower. Wastewater form shower that goes to the sewage system has a high temperature. By tracking the latest trends, we found some solutions to help you to save energy also in this place. Devices work on the same principle as aair heat recovery. Wastewater flows through a maze pipe system supplying cold water in this way heat from the grey water, the feed water is heated up by grey water without mixing. Thanks to this operation, the final temperature of the water in the shower is higher. Such arrangements allow the recovery of 20-40% of the heat and the price of the devices ranges from 1200 to 2000 PLN (300-500 $) depending on the efficiency of the device. Such a device has no moving parts to wear out, and requires no power supply. The payback period is around 3-7 years depending on the number of users and the type of heating.