Virtual walk


Above presentation shows the possibilities of presentation of your investment project. Virtual walk allows you to watch space from different spots. By clicking on the "Garden" you can see the backyard of the house.


In addition, hovering the mouse cursor on an object, the most important information will be displayed, and by clicking on the highlighted in blue field go to the description of the object

Additional information:

  • Possible visibilityrange between 0 ° and 360 °.

  • There are an unlimited number of reference points in the visualization.


The materials do not relate to a specific project, but are only the illustration of the possibilities of investment.

The offer includes:

  • Virtual walk

  • Visualisation

  • Animation (film with the stroll in the model)

  • Cross-sectionalmodel

  • 3d model generation

  • Other (according to the investor's needs)

General view
View from the street
View from the garden
3s model in the section plane

3d model of the building

There is a possibility to generate a model of the entire housing estate

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